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1, the probation period salary: 3500 yuan / month College; undergraduate 3800 yuan / month; 211 undergraduate 4200 yuan / month; 985 undergraduate 4500 yuan / month; graduate 5000-6000 yuan / month; doctoral students 6500-8000 yuan / month. (the above treatment does not include lunch allowance or housing allowance). After graduation, the company will be given a salary increase of 10%-30% according to the probation performance. The company has an annual salary increase opportunity to provide a rapid growth platform.
2, the company provides apartment dormitory for staff: 2-4 people / room, and equipped with bed, air conditioning, 24H hot water, independent bathroom, desks, chairs, lockers, etc., to ensure the comfort of the living environment.
3, the company provides lunch allowance for employees: 300/ months, the company has staff canteen in the park.
4, all employees will sign a formal labor contract, the company purchased the "five social insurance and one housing fund for employees (medical, pension, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance and housing provident fund).
5, according to the provisions of the labor law to enjoy national holidays, and in accordance with the number of years of work to enjoy the corresponding annual vacation.
6, the company every year irregular activities, such as: sports, basketball, new year's day or Spring Festival party, and so on, to enrich everyone's spare time life.